About Joe

Joe Malesky is a retired machinist who found his love for creating abstract art in retirement. Using blacksmith and welding techniques and a spontaneous design method, Joe enjoys creating sculptures that have an organic look and balance to them out of found objects like rock, wood, and steel. Each of his pieces start from a rock that he found while on a hike through a creek bed or a piece of steel spotted while on a drive home. He brings those objects back to his studio where they may stay for a year or two while the wheels turn in Joe’s head creating an abstract design for a new piece.

What looks like junk to everyone else is potential art for Joe.

Joe’s sculptures are currently a part of Sculpture Walk Springfield in Springfield, MO, the Ames Public Art Commission in Ames, IA, and the Sculpture Walk in Effingham, IL. Joe is also currently displaying at Fresh Gallery in Springfield, MO, Componere Gallery in St. Louis, MO, Bluestem Gallery in Columbia, MO, and Grayson Home in Springfield, MO.

Joe is known for being tall, easy going, and hard working. Joe enjoys riding his bike with his wife in his free time.

See a video of Joe in his workshop at www.springfieldarts.org.